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JPGReader 4

With JPGReader you can view JPG picture directly.


Tungsten 5-way navigation supported
You can scroll the view of large picture with one finger on Tungsten.

Built-in Camera supported
You can take pictures with NR70V ,NX70V, Treo 600/650 and Zire in this software.

Beaming, bluetooth and email supported
You can share your pictures with others by those methods.

Hi-resolution display mode supported
The software supports HI-Res display mode.

Zooming supported
Double-tap to switch between original size and fit-in-screen mode.

Silk Screen mode supported
The software supports Sony's 320*480 color display mode and Palm OS 5.0 silk screen mode.

External memory card supported
Read JPG image from external memory card.

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  • Palm OS 3.5 with 16bit color at least.

  • External memory card.


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