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We take great care in satisfying you as our customer and try our best to give you the support. If you have any questions or suggestions, most likely you can find the solution on our website. And never hesitate to let us know all about that.


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Q: How can I use these framed pictures created in other software such as Photoshop?
A: You should save the picture in a format which can preserve the alpha channel information. Set the layers you want to use to be visible only first. Use the menu item <Save as> to save the picture as a TGA and TIFF image file. Remember to set the option "alpha channel" on. Now you can open this alpha-channel TGA and TIFF image file in other image processing software as a transparent layer.

Q: Why didn't I received a reg. code?
We need the  Serial No. of your Photowall for us to generate the reg. code for you. 
 You can find the serial No. in registration dialog box after launch of Photowall. It is a 8-digit code which looks like 'X V S C N M O P'

How to move the frame?
A: Before verison, to move the frame around, press the <space> key down then you can move it with the left-button of mouse. After version, you should only hold the frame to move it around.

Q: Why can't I enter printing interface?
A: You can print photos only if you have installed a printer driver.


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