--Now it is just a piece of cake to add stunning frames to digital photos to enhance your personal album, web pages or desktop wallpaper.

With many stylish photo frames bundled, which will be updated for free, Photowall will make you to be a creative photographer. This cool kit is out of your imagination.

Download free trial of Photowall   
(Built on 2009.7.23, version

Register Photowall for only $19.99 

Make your photos fun

Enhance your desktop

Make your photos into very cool creations just in a few clicks and drags. Then they are all going to be very impressive works. You can unique your album .

   Framed pictures can be directly emailed to your friends in Photowall.

 Turn your desktop wallpaper into your photo-wall by adding your photos with stunning frames just like how you decorate your walls of your home. Yes, not only pictures, but framed ones. There are tons of cool frames in the software, and they will also be updated free in the future.
There are also simple picture color-balance tools in the software. You can adjust hue, saturation, brightness, contrast and etc. at the same time you frame them.    With Photowall, everybody can be an artist easily.
Highlight your web Easy to use

o you want to enhance your web page with some original framed pictures?  Just use those promotional images made by Photowall. They are sure to attract clicks from visitors.

It is very easy to use. You don't have to spend a lot of time on studying complex stuff. With Photowall, all you need to do is clicking and dragging.

Making a stunning framed picture is just a matter of a few seconds.

You can also print them out according to your needs. 

Features make Photowall special

You can add blending effects, such as drop-shadow, inner shadow, outer glow and inner glow,  to your frame photos.

You can export your works as pictures with alpha channel which can fit in any background seamlessly, whatever color or pattern it has. That is very useful when you're making web pages. With alpha channel info preserved, importing the framed photo as a Photoshop layer is also a easy job.

Color-balance your picture in Photowall. Don't need to switch to other software. This is an all in one.


  • Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista 

Version History

  •     (2009.5.30)
    Redesign the whole user interface.

  •     (2009.3.21)
    Add the support to Bitmap with PNG compression.

  •     (2008.10.2)
    Add the PNG compression support in frame library..

  •     (2008.9.25)
    Fixed the potential temporary file leaking problem.

  •     (2008.4.15)
    Improved its stability..

  •     (2007.12.1)
    Resolved the installation problem with Vista UAC and display problem with Vista Aero.

  •     (2007.11.24)
    Added the support for CMYK jpg and fixed the bug on some scanner.

  •     (2007.5.17)
    Fixed bug of none-alpha image saving.

  •     (2007.3.21)
    Fixed bug of new features on Win9X.

  •     (2007.3.15)
    Support to reading and writing alpha-channel PNG file was added.

  •     (2007.3.9)
    Support to reading and writing alpha-channel TGA & TIFF file was added.

  •     (2007.2.18)
    Frame download feature is enforced.

  •     (2007.2.3)
    Frame download feature is added

  •     (2007.1.9)
    Fixed bugs on getting back old wallpaper changed by other application

  •     (2006.12.6)
    Wallpaper background changing feature was added

  •     (2006.11.26)
    Fixed the bug in adding shadow effect.

  •     (2006.11.21)
    Add tree view in frame gallery.

  •     (2006.9.1)
    First released version.